Wonder, Wonder, Wonder…

…And Yet, Not At All

Two subjects have played most prominently in my last couple of decades: the spiritual journey, and Oriental medicine. Just as Oriental medicine itself was birthed of spiritual practice, so too, the evolution of my own consciousness has deeply expanded my understanding and appreciation of this remarkable medicine’s principles.

True spiritual practice, by its very nature and purpose, eventually takes us beyond the realms of the physical, emotional, and mental worlds. But as long as we occupy a human body, we have one foot in the lower worlds, while the other treads ever higher through the transcendent realms beyond. If we’re sincere and competently tutored, the ratio of that split continually shifts, until only the most meager portion of our attention is required and left to tend to the earthly, as the vast portion of our expanding consciousness weightlessly soars into the airless ethers of truth and undivided focus.

The draw and pull of the Divine is such that the closer we get, the stronger the draw, the more breathtaking the acceleration toward It’s nearness. Anything standing between that destination and our true Self becomes glaringly obvious and, well, unacceptable. When we recognize something of that nature, it’s simply gone—without effort, without regret— even as it may still manifest in the physical. Time and space become irrelevant, and are transcended. Recognition is enough. And the surrender to that seeing, that knowing, is inescapably bound to blissful being, as the winds of nothingness rush past our widening gaze.

Ironically, and yet not at all, Oriental medicine, in this particular case, is one of those eventually left behind, outcreated by the very pursuit which once inspired its brilliant principles. Those principles remain true and valuable in the lower worlds, but their practice and its baggage bind us to those worlds. And so become an obstacle to the higher.

In early November, I experienced the profound shift of this phenomenon. To attempt a description of that thunderous awakening, were it possible, would only diminish it. There are no words. There is only wonder, and gasping at a speed previously unimagined.

Oriental medicine remains a subject. The journey into Love is the object-ive of all life. But that left foot still remains in the physical, and there are details of this departure still unfinished here.

Let’s start with this: I am discontinuing my practice of this satisfying medicine, in lieu of something beyond satisfaction. Those doors close next Wednesday, the 30th of November.

For those whom I have served, and who have served me in this dance, I have the highest respect and gratitude. Each of you has participated in shaping me. Some of you have been profound influences on my path, and you know who you are. Thank you, from the top of my heart!

For some, this may be difficult to accept or comprehend in a gratifying way, but consider that I might have merely checked out of the physical, without a word. Not much difference in terms of continuing treatment, but a universe of difference in the grace of this shift. Take heart in knowing that all experience serves each of us.

But you’re probably not getting rid of me that easily. I intend to finish the promised multimedia iBook, Breakfast Like an Emperor. And perhaps a few others from the Ancient Wisdom Series. Most of all, having stepped through the door now behind me, I’m anticipating being thoroughly outcreated as what’s beyond is revealed.

This forum may continue, but will likely assume a different form.

Deep Love,