Voting with Dollars

I no longer participate in politics—at least, not in the ways we generally think of as being ‘political’. I do, however, pay attention. It doesn’t take much awareness to perceive current trends of consciousness in the populace.

While I rarely participate, one of the most reliable resources I use for increasing my awareness of events and trends in the physical world—especially relative to the cornerstones of my practice—is The Organic Consumers Association, directed by Ronnie Cummins. Ronnie is quite articulate and nearly always adeptly reads the pulse of what’s important in preserving our food freedoms. If I were political, I would invest my time and financial resources in his organization, which often also serves as an umbrella organization for a myriad other entities with specific interests in this area.

Today’s email from Ronnie is a good example of his perception of our perspectives, and the ways we can best use our limited resources to effectively manifest our values into reality. It’s good and timely enough that I’m just going to take the liberty of sharing the first article in his email, in its entirety. He calls it “True Power”. [Emphasis, yours truly]

The best thing about the 2016 election, a contest between two of the most unpopular candidates in history, is that it’s over.

Now, we get back to work. Back to our radical roots (it’s never been lost on me that the word radical originates from the Latin word for root).

With this divisive and toxic election behind us, we can now get back to the grassroots work of regenerating our food and farming system, our health—even our democracy. Assuming, that is, we can set aside our differences long enough to focus on the root of our problems—corporate control over every aspect of our lives, including our political system.

As Dr. Joe Mercola wrote in an article that appeared just before the election, it’s time to recognize where our “true power” lies. It lies in the choices we make every time we make a purchase, especially a food purchase.

Every consumer choice we make either supports the corporations that are writing the laws we oppose. Or doesn’t. It’s that simple.

Read Ronnie’s full blog post

If you, too, have an interest in keeping an eye on this area of your life—and I hope you do—you may wish to receive Ronnie’s emails. They’re not intrusive or obnoxious. They show up about every two weeks. And they are always worth the time for a quick scan, if such issues are important to the health of you and your family.

In terms of my own blogs, I know it’s been pretty quiet for quite a while. But that’s about to change. There is a lot coming down at Future Medicine Now, and I’ll want to share much of that with you in the near future.

In the meantime, fasten your seatbelts. I think we’re in for practicing a lot of detachment! I also believe there will be some unexpected pleasant surprises—wrapped in wolve’s clothing perhaps, but I think they’ll be there, for those with the eyes to see.

P.S. Oh, yes. Giving credit where it’s due, my lovely muse, Sue, was the first to bring my attention to Mercola’s recent article. Thank you, Sweetie!