I’ve decided to share the following letter—written and sent a week ago, not knowing, or concerned, in fact, if it will even reach its intended destination. It’s fully surrendered. It’s written to an individual whose path crossed mine in Haight Ashbury, 1967, and whom I haven’t seen or heard from since Seattle, about 1972—the blink …

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Empty Sweet

In first year Oriental medicine school, I remember the Chinese teacher explaining the ‘flavors’ or ‘tastes’ associated with the organs. Each of the yin organs (heart, lung, kidney, liver and spleen) benefits from a specific taste of food or herbs. The corresponding tastes are bitter, pungent, salty, sour, and sweet. I remember quite vividly the class response when she told us that the spleen benefitted from sweet. Deep, approving murmers of satisfaction moved palpably through the group, accompanied by a slightly self-righteous and smug embrace of desire’s affirmation.