Dog Head Meets the Master

This summer is vying to be one of the strangest of all. For weeks—both before and after seminar—everything has been in upheaval and disarray, much like the chaos between one level of perfection and the next. Not that anything is amiss. It’s precisely as it should be. Nonetheless, chaos and upheaval are everywhere we look. Most recently, we seem …

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6.7 Billion a Year

Thanks to Dr. Harry Eidenier, friend and mentor, who just sent me this. I’m in alignment with Harry’s assessment that this is too ‘good’ to pass up. So here’s his short, pithy, unedited message: “Generally we leave this type of information alone; however this one was too good not to pass along to you. “Researchers …

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Mammogram? Think Again

A client in Michigan sent me an email last week. In it were questions she and some friends had, apparently after viewing a Dr. Oz episode. Thank God I don’t have a television. The questions centered around the concern of adequate protection of the thyroid from x-ray exposure during mammograms and dental x-rays. Let’s stop …

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‘Cutting Edge’ Medicine

Who Needs It? If you had a life-threatening illness, what would you do? Would you line up for your turn in front of the machines of conventional medicine and hope for the best? If you had an undiagnosed condition which was destroying your life, would you sit half the day in the waiting room of …

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An Image of Liver Qi

The reason I chose this photograph and layout for Future Medicine Now — The Contemplation is that it is an iconic portrayal of what liver qi (chee) should be. Liver, like all the other systems in the body, has its own qi, which has a personality, functions, emotional tendencies, and energetic directions of travel.