Susan Magee’s Apricots

While preparing to make yet another smoothie with your fabulous apricots, Susan, I realized I should let you know how much I’m enjoying them. They’re wonderful!

Right after you brought them over, I froze most of them, and never having done this before, I decided to try preserving their brilliant color by soaking them briefly in hydrogen peroxide. It worked! This was just a flash I had, and if anything, they’re more dazzling now than they were when I cut them up.

Since I rarely measure food ingredients, I have little recollection of how much I used, of what concentration, and for how long. I know it wasn’t very long. As I recall, as soon as I noticed they were beginning to bubble, I rinsed them in water, patted them dry, and put them in deep storage.

I don’t drink that many smoothies, but working on an afternoon project in the hot sun, it sometimes makes a perfect mid-afternoon lunch.

Today’s smoothie went like this:

  • BIG handful of your frozen apricots and a bitty handful of currants in the blender. Cover with boiling water & let soak for a few moments (while I start this blog).
  • Blend at high speed (determination is required to puree currants). Note of caution here: START at LOW speed, and be sure to loosen the top in case you have too much hot water remaining in the blender. Otherwise, you’ll end up with smoothie all over your kitchen, your clothes… you get the picture. Stop the blender when the ingredients are really blended.
  • Add half a bottle of Hazelnut Amasake and a teaspoon or two of coconut oil.
  • Put the lid back on, shift the blender into low speed, remove the clear plastic gizmo in the lid and insert a large funnel.
  • Slowly add the pre-measured contents of a container holding spirulina (TBSP), ClearVite (large scoop), maybe half teaspoon of cinnamon, and a quarter teaspoon or so of freshly ground black pepper to the blender. Don’t dump it all in at once or you’ll have clumps.
  • When this is well-blended, break and drop in one duck egg, still at lowest speed.
  • Give the egg 3-4 seconds and turn off the blender. Egg protein is pretty fragile, and blenders are murder on it. Just give it a couple of quick spins to thoroughly blend.

This is a delicious smoothie (the above recipe made slightly over a quart). But I would not have it for breakfast. Its dominant flavor is sweet (although with just the right tartness). It has far too little protein and too much sweet to start the day. (New blog almost ready for debut: Breakfast)

Don’t be concerned about the boiling water in summertime — remember, we’re starting with frozen fruit, then adding some cold amasake. The heat is to plump up the currants and melt down the apricots. The end result is pleasantly cool. Ice-cold drinks and food suppress spleen qi / digestive fire (see As American As… Ice Cream and The Calming of Milk for more on this subject). We think cold drinks cool us down in the summer — they mostly just inhibit metabolism.

Of course, your apricots have inspired endless other treats as well, Susan, but this is today’s, and I thought you might enjoy it. (Oh yes, other readers please note — this recipe only works with Susan Magee’s apricots!)

So next year, when apricot time comes around, may your amazing trees blossom with fullness yet again! Thanks, Susan, for such a nourishing and enduring gift.