Reply to a Friend

[Yesterday, a neighbor, a friend, wrote the following words on an online thread discussing the sticky and poorly understood subject of cancer—its nature, its causes, and the nature of inconvenient truth. To quote, “I always like to discuss from point of truth. There is no “my truth” or “your truth” – there is only truth and all else is opinion”.

Knowing before I wrote it, my reply would never fly on the starched pages of, I decided to post it as a contemplation here—with a link in nextdoor.]


To speak of truth in such a way, Grant, expresses a noble matrix.

But the reality has been addressed by every Saint throughout time, since long before existing written history. And from all cultures. From Lao Tse and Pythagoras, from Zoroaster and Jesus to Kabir and Nanak, to more recent Masters, like Rumi and Hafiz—a continual, unbroken line right on up to the current Living Master. All agree that absolute truth does not—cannot—exist within any dual universe.

Nonetheless, humanity remains under the intended illusion that it does. Simple logic concludes no, but sometimes the simple slips beneath our radar. How can a world where everything that exists can only do so through the simultaneous existence of its opposite? Love, hate; night, day; man, woman; hot, cold; up, down; truth, falsity—you get the picture. Even the most mature forms of medicine on the planet, like Chinese medicine, were birthed from and are based on duality—Yin, Yang, the most elemental expression of this universe.

All exists here through contrast and comparison. Where is the absolute in duality? It simply isn’t. Everything is relative. Those same Saints have all taught, as well, that Truth exists only when consciousness ascends beyond duality, and that happens only after Self-Realization, eventually culminating in God-Realization, attainments that are pure expression of Truth, Itself.

So, for the moment, we’re stuck with relative truth, and it couldn’t have been better expressed than by the two citations Kathryn volunteered. They’re pretty much polar opposites. Do both of them believe their spin represents truth?

The American Cancer Society, for anyone who cares to look beneath the surface, is almost entirely funded by Big Pharma and its inseparable cousin, Big Chemical. Its agenda is to pretend that environmental pollutants play no part in the presence of cancer whatsoever. Just eat, breathe, and dream what we feed you, and we’ll keep fighting the good fight against this pesky cancer that seems to want to take us all. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget to send a donation. The American Cancer Society’s history is littered with unfortunate ex-employees who toyed with the absurd notion that environmental factors, curiously tainted with the effects of Big Chemical’s activities, could have anything to do with the increasing prevalence of cancer on our planet. Any such employee is out the door, regardless of academic status or credentials.

The ‘truth’ of our condition and our time, is that science, which I believe is what you’re equating with truth, is bought by and sold to the highest bidder. And the highest bidder is currently on the ascendant. Oh, certainly, there are genuinely honest, altruistic professionals—and even the occasional organization—striving to live, promote, and study a life of truth as evidence professes it. But, for starters, we’re all saddled with these pesky little annoyances endemic to the human mind—lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity. We all suffer from these diseases in varying degree. They’re far more ubiquitous than cancer. One might even legitimately say, they are a cancer.

So the picture becomes increasingly murky, doesn’t it? Duality is messy stuff. And while it’s nothing new, experiences like this do express themselves in continually vacillating cycles. The cycle we’re currently experiencing is uncomfortable, at best.

Then what’s the solution? Are we simply stuck on this merry-go-round forever? Is there no way out? Truthfully, yes, and no. And that’s the divine purpose of a dual universe in the first place. To drive us, in our maddening condition, to the eventual lifetime where we begin to get serious about the quest for an alternative, a point at which our companions—lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity—simply are not delivering the satisfaction, the promises they’ve whispered to us for countless lifetimes. Even our best intentions and efforts have left us empty handed. What’s that great biblical phrase that no one understands? “No good deed goes unpunished.” Yeah, that one. A simple, paradoxical, and accurate description of life in the lower worlds.

Only when we’ve come to that desperate end, that magical moment, will we consider giving our precious attention to truly beginning the spiritual journey. Which ultimately leads beyond duality, to the reality of our true Self, and to pure, undivided consciousness—the Divine Itself. Where duality, these endless questions, cancer, and our subtly unremitting pain no longer exist.

Last night in the hours of the elixir, having been nudged from my slumber for the purpose of writing down the words above, I became so surrendered to this labor of love that awareness that the iPad’s remaining battery life was only 10% had escaped me. And the very instant I finished typing the final word, the screen went black.

Before I go to bed each night, I go outside and turn off all the electricity to my room. The flow of electricity to my room had also joined the non-existent. I couldn’t even ascertain the time via my habitual ‘authorities’, much less revive my deflated writing device.

But the inner flow of my focus had not stopped. It was relentless. So I got up and found my phone. I would continue finishing up writing on it. Slipping back into bed, I pressed the ‘home’ button. Nothing. I pushed it again, in disbelief. Only then did I find myself face to face with the increasingly familiar and welcome appreciation for the hilarious beauty, the razor-sharp perfection, the endless waves of bliss and love this Master, this Current, showers upon us when It has entered our awareness. Like every Living Master before Him, the current One continually reminds us that it’s entirely possible to laugh ourselves all the way to Heaven. Not in temporary glee at having gotten over. No, in the endless, ineffable love we are merging into.