Out of State Clients

Comments and emails from readers, like, “Gee, wish you were closer,” become more frequent.

In response to this, I thought I would share some information. The choices suggested in this post may not be for everyone, but if they help one or two, then it will have been worth it.

Our economy will certainly never be the same. In fact, our world will never be the same. But that’s fine. For the conscious individual, we’re creating and re-creating our own world each moment. Such unstable times are a ripe breeding ground for creating anew, for creating bold new shifts in our own microcosm, if not the macrocosm.

Being stuck in a situation we dislike is really a matter of perspective. On one level, embracing the reality and the perfection that we’re actually experiencing a situation radically changes things — if we truly embrace it. On another level, accurately perceiving our situation usually provides rich feedback for creating a new reality.

So if we’re able to remove ourselves from the contraction caused by being in this situation, we are freer to accomplish one or both of the above alternatives to being contracted — and pissed off.

If you’re thinking, “That’s very esoteric, Larry, but it’s not what I had in mind,” then you may not be ready for this message. But I’ll move along to some more ‘concrete’ considerations.

        1. I see out of state clients. Of course, this relationship does not begin as a long distance one. The first visit is a face-to-face, four hour exploration which covers…
          • Who you are,
          • What you’re experiencing,
          • How you got where you are,
          • Why past efforts have failed,
          • Information from initial, MEANINGFUL lab work,
          • Physical assessments (both Oriental and Western),
          • Discussion of a plan based on a real diagnosis of you, as an individual,
          • Guidelines for required changes of diet and lifestyle,
          • Ordering additional tests, if necessary,
          • Treatment appropriate to our findings,
          • Prescription of Chinese herbal medicines, supplements, or hormones germane to the first level of your recovery (like layers of an onion),
          • And all sorts of unforeseen elements essential to our goals (yours and mine).

          If you have traveled for this appointment and four hours is not enough, we’ll break for lunch and resume until we’re finished. Yes, I know. Four hours. When did a physician ever give you an HOUR of undivided attention? This is how Oriental medicine gets the big picture — by getting the big picture! This is what’s required to unravel the complex and advanced cases I see.

          Think you’re not an ‘advanced case’? You may or may not have a condition associated with a negative prognosis. But if you are an American, born and raised in this country, chances are extremely likely that you are a complex and advanced case.

          To manage complex cases requires I see someone in person, at intervals determined by their condition and life circumstances. Oriental medicine doesn’t sell you drugs it intends for you to take the rest of your life, and ask you to come back in six months to make sure you aren’t being overtly poisoned. This is an attentive orchestration guided by how your experience changes at every stage of the game, so that adjustments may be made to be right on target with your current level of experience. This is a partnership. A journey. And we’re both on it, together.

          The most important aspect of a face-to-face meeting is the depth that transpires with that experience. Everything from being able to physically read pulses (which is an extremely vital method of diagnostic perception), to perceptions that are made so much more concrete when in someone’s physical presence. Without such a meeting, I would say efficacy of treatment is reduced by at least 40% — psychics and medical intuitives, notwithstanding.


        2. No, this is not a giveaway. Nor is it advice you’d get in a natural food store.Is it expensive? No, it’s dirt cheap next to what you’re spending, right now, out of your pocket, month after month, year after year, with a 35% premium increase this year, right? Not compared with how your unresolved condition is detracting from your quality of life. Not to mention the unimaginable cost, borne by us all, of perpetuating this grand hoax on generations of our culture.
          • How much are you paying for illness insurance?
          • What are you getting for it?
          • Why are you reading this?
          • Are you willing to step outside the box to attain a level of health you never imagined or have forgotten existed?


    1. Your doctor (the nice, likeable guy or gal you depend upon to maintain a modicum of quality in every day of your life) is a member of a cartel. This cartel is composed of a number of seemingly unrelated forces with unusual agendas, which work uncannily together to achieve their goal.
      • Big Agriculture/Food wants you addicted, sick, dumb, and ineffective. (And they’re doing a stellar job.)
      • Big Pharma/Big Medicine wants you sick, dependent for life, dumb, and broke.
      • Big Pharma’s alter ego, Big Chemical wants you dead because more room is needed for new, young consumers to restart the cycle with Big Food. Besides, Big Chemical also manufactures and sells obscenely expensive and toxic cancer drugs to make sure the job is done.
      • Big Government (which is, in reality, indistinguishable from the above four players) thinks this is a great plan! It’s rather like macabre ranching — except this makes real money! Yeeha!!

    And, yes, your likable doctor plays his/her role as a puppet in this nightmare. Willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly — who cares? You’re still the ‘victim’. And you volunteered for the role.

    Am I being cynical? Not at all.

    This is cynical: As I write this, Twitter is all aflutter with news that Bin Laden is dead. This is the kind of drivel we’re fed to keep us from considering anything that’s important in our lives — or in the lives of others. Whether or not Bin Laden is dead is utterly meaningless to you or me or any of the events which will determine how deep this nightmare will go. But the precious attention of presumably intelligent human beings is being focused right now on Osama Bin Laden’s fate. Right on the heels of being focused on the royal wedding. Amazing? Absolutely. Surprising? Not at all.


  1. The above three considerations are offered on the off-chance that they may, at some point, collide in a tectonic shift in your consciousness, resulting in startling clarity and an unanticipated new vision of experience on this planet and how you’d like your experience to differ from that of others.Only one individual in the entire universe can outcreate this cartel, and that individual is you. I am here, waiting to truly serve your health care needs, if you so choose.

    You’re in control. But only if you realize it. And realization is a long, long road. Each of us will experience this — in this lifetime, or in several thousand. Realization is not what’s being offered here. Yet how long it takes to get there is kinda up to us — and yet, not. But you do have to flap your wing!

    Anyone ready to start flapping may visit the website for more details on becoming a client. It’s a process. It’s a commitment. And it starts with one step.

    The invitation is already at the tip of your nose.