The natives are getting restless.

Nudges and hints are arriving from many quarters with the collective message, “Where’s the next contemplation, Larry?” A part of me, too, is champing at the bit. I’d love to be writing.

There are endless contemplations waiting in the queue. The top of this list includes:

  • Why Oriental Medicine is NOT Alternative Medicine
  • Musings around the summer solstice
  • Blind spots concerning E.coli outbreaks
  • Apple & Oriental Medicine vis-à-vis Microsoft & Conventional Medicine.
  • Weiner Water
  • A new blog…

My first obligation is to my Self. Always. I hope it’s yours.

And that obligation is being met right now with a project that has been waiting fifteen years for my attention — in this lifetime. The purification it represents far predates this lifetime.

In other words, I’m absorbed in and devoted to the completion of this task. Fortunately, I have help beyond description. But the onus is on me, and something this ancient, this important, this neglected, requires unwavering dedication.

I’ll be very happy to begin writing again, and it will happen in perfect time. When I’m shown the mission is adequately fulfilled (my garage will never be perfect), I’ll resume.

Thank you for your patience and love.