Understanding Oriental Medicine

Simply because generations will pass before this culture realizes the gift of Oriental Medicine, is all the more reason to begin the journey now.

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[Yesterday, a neighbor, a friend, wrote the following words on an online thread discussing the sticky and poorly understood subject of cancer—its nature, its causes, and the nature of inconvenient truth. To quote, “I always like to discuss from point of truth. There is no “my truth” or “your truth” – there is only truth …

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I’ve decided to share the following letter—written and sent a week ago, not knowing, or concerned, in fact, if it will even reach its intended destination. It’s fully surrendered. It’s written to an individual whose path crossed mine in Haight Ashbury, 1967, and whom I haven’t seen or heard from since Seattle, about 1972—the blink …

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Oxygen Is In the Air!

Emails with a medical subject are relatively absent from my inbox since discontinuing my practice, but this morning my mailbox contained two interesting messages concerning oxygen and ozone. I’ll address the first one here. Maybe the second one tomorrow. A reader named Mangesh wrote a comment on a six year old post entitled Qi—It’s Not …

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