Role of the 21st Century Medical Client

To alter the precipitous plunge of America’s declining health, the public must make adjustments commensurate with those required of medicine itself. Personal responsibility and participation must come to the fore.

Beyond Stabilization — The Path to Optimal Health

In a world where consumers of health care expect to be rescued by magical drugs from the labs of Big Pharma, it’s extremely uncommon to find a client who is conscious of the origin of their maladies. To recognize that not just disease and illness, but all of experience itself, is the precise effect of …

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Oriental Medicine, Prolotherapy, & Trigger Point Injections

Advanced Needle Techniques No one has more experience in therapeutic needling of the human body than the Chinese. Others have tried their hand at it, but no one has caught up to their multi-millennial advantage. The experts reside in the Orient. If you want to excel in this art, train with them. This is not …

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The “Hashimoto’s Syndrome”

[For those regular readers who’ve noticed my absence, please let me say, excuse me. I’m working on a bit bigger project. I haven’t abandoned this site, but I’ve been crazy busy, and I think you’re going to enjoy the fruits of this new endeavor. I, too, look forward to more regular posts here one day. …

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‘Cutting Edge’ Medicine

Who Needs It? If you had a life-threatening illness, what would you do? Would you line up for your turn in front of the machines of conventional medicine and hope for the best? If you had an undiagnosed condition which was destroying your life, would you sit half the day in the waiting room of …

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