Misplaced Values

Safety & Purity in Chinese Herbal Medicine

A Short Look at Cultural Bias Caution! [This contemplation is not short, with no images to entertain, other than those that may linger in the third eye, and it may get deeper than you care to go.] Just as I was leaving for a quick, surgical strike to southern Utah for photography and filming, a …

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Beyond Gluten: The Way It Is, Terra

If you were depressed by reading Wheatgrass for Twitter, for God’s sake, please don’t read this one. It will only take you deeper. An inquisitive woman named Terra was not depressed. She, like others were in fact excited by the new information she discovered, and her interest was piqued to the degree of asking for …

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Out of State Clients

Comments and emails from readers, like, “Gee, wish you were closer,” become more frequent. In response to this, I thought I would share some information. The choices suggested in this post may not be for everyone, but if they help one or two, then it will have been worth it. Our economy will certainly never …

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Life Expectancy in the United States

One of the most common refrains I hear when I’m trying to put conventional medicine in a realistic perspective is an enthusiastic, “Well, life expectancy is up, isn’t it?!” Even if this sadly worn illusion were true, it says nothing about the quality of life citizens experience in this country. That, too, is nothing to …

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Empty Sweet

In first year Oriental medicine school, I remember the Chinese teacher explaining the ‘flavors’ or ‘tastes’ associated with the organs. Each of the yin organs (heart, lung, kidney, liver and spleen) benefits from a specific taste of food or herbs. The corresponding tastes are bitter, pungent, salty, sour, and sweet. I remember quite vividly the class response when she told us that the spleen benefitted from sweet. Deep, approving murmers of satisfaction moved palpably through the group, accompanied by a slightly self-righteous and smug embrace of desire’s affirmation.