The most vital and valuable faculty of human beings. All follows where attention leads.


I’ve decided to share the following letter—written and sent a week ago, not knowing, or concerned, in fact, if it will even reach its intended destination. It’s fully surrendered. It’s written to an individual whose path crossed mine in Haight Ashbury, 1967, and whom I haven’t seen or heard from since Seattle, about 1972—the blink …

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Oxygen Is In the Air!

Emails with a medical subject are relatively absent from my inbox since discontinuing my practice, but this morning my mailbox contained two interesting messages concerning oxygen and ozone. I’ll address the first one here. Maybe the second one tomorrow. A reader named Mangesh wrote a comment on a six year old post entitled Qi—It’s Not …

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Dog Head Meets the Master

This summer is vying to be one of the strangest of all. For weeks—both before and after seminar—everything has been in upheaval and disarray, much like the chaos between one level of perfection and the next. Not that anything is amiss. It’s precisely as it should be. Nonetheless, chaos and upheaval are everywhere we look. Most recently, we seem …

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Hashimoto’s, Life-Expectancy, & Life Purpose

This post is addressed to those lovely souls around the world who are searching the web with the terms, ‘hashimoto’s’ and ‘life-expectancy’. I can’t just ignore you, anymore. [For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hashimoto’s, please read the post that started the whole thing here in 2010, Hashimoto’s—Bigger Than Diabetes?. When you’re finished, …

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