6.7 Billion a Year

Thanks to Dr. Harry Eidenier, friend and mentor, who just sent me this.

I’m in alignment with Harry’s assessment that this is too ‘good’ to pass up. So here’s his short, pithy, unedited message:

“Generally we leave this type of information alone; however this one was too good not to pass along to you.

“Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that 6.7 billion was spent in one year for unnecessary tests or prescribing unnecessary medications, with 86 percent of that cost attributed to the prescription of brand name statin drugs to treat high (?) cholesterol. This information was found in Archives of Internal Medicine, October 2011.

“No further comment is required, the above speaks for itself.”

Regrettably, greed and ignorance outweigh research and clinical intelligence in contemporary American medicine. While pretending Godliness, Big Medicine is no different than Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Food.

It’s your money. How do you want to spend it?

[Harry’s most well-known expertise lies in advanced interpretation of lab results of blood samples. His “…high (?) cholesterol” refers to his recognition that the conventional cholesterol reference range does not reflect an accurate assessment of risk. Optimal range, according to Harry’s exhaustive research is 150-220, not the commonly used 100-199. This work provides a wealth of clinical information from bloodwork — a valuable body of knowledge, ironically under conventional medicine’s radar.]